15 Tips Before Travelling To Abroad

Follow These Tips Before Moving Abroad,

1. Before jetting off try suggesting holiday related projects for your children to get them excited! How about getting them to research the place you are staying, the local food or the weather forecast? Maybe create a wish list of all the things they want to do when they arrive, or draw a picture of what they imagine it will be like. They might even come up with a few suggestions for all the family!

2. It can be worth doing a bit of research on what there is to do or visit if the weather turns against you. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hotel room on a rainy day.

3. Try turning mundane procedures into games. It sounds silly but it’ll help to pass the time stuck waiting around. E.g. ‘How many people can you count wearing something red?’

4. If you’re fl ying with an airline you’ve not used before, try and fi nd out what they offer little ones in terms of food and entertainment, for example some airlines do not provide baby food - best to be prepared and take things if you need them.

5. Depending on where you are in the world hand luggage policies may vary – This is particularly important if you’re bottle-feeding as some won’t let you take liquids through.

6. Try packing a few little surprises to give out to your child throughout the journey. They can be small toys, healthy snacks or a favourite treasure.

7. If you’re lucky enough to have a child who’ll sleep almost anywhere it might be a good idea to travel at night so that they, and more importantly you, can get some much needed rest!

8. To help prevent jet lag try making small changes to your families routine a week before you go. Push bedtime back or forward by 15 minutes more each evening.

9. Remember to book your seats together (or separately if your little ones have a habit of winding each other up!) as not all airlines will do so automatically. Although families with young children should get priority boarding on most airlines.

10. Sometimes a little pessimism is not a bad thing. Prepare for the potential 4-hour delay by packing a distraction in your hand language. Should it happen you’ll be glad you did!

11. Snacks are a must for families on the move – just remember to avoid fruits that squash easily, things that melt, or fi zzy drinks which may get shaken up.

12. Let the kids to pack their own travel bag entertainment! They love doing it and makes them feel grown up and in charge. Give a few suggestions but leave actual choices to them. Maybe suggest a book, a soft toy, a pen and paper, a secret something and a game. Then secretly slip in some goodies to keep them entertained and surprised along the way!

13. With your little ones, collect items throughout your holiday to make a scrapbook or keepsake box when you return. You can include anything from shells to bus tickets to sweet papers. It’s a lovely way to remember a great holiday.

14. If you’re travelling with a buggy make yours stand out. If you’re on a busy family fl ight the chances are they’ll be people with the same one as yours. Try tying ribbon around yours to make it stand out (in fact, you can do this for all your luggage!).

15. Airplanes can be a bit chilly; most airlines do provide blankets but only a limited supply. If your brood feel the cold, bring an extra jumper or socks if you’re in fl ip-fl ops! & Remember to check that your hotel or apartment has a cot.