These General TipsWill Help You Manage And Maintain Your Kitchen


Counter space is at a premium for most of us—it’s hard to find the room to put appliances, cutting boards and everything else you need out, and actually cook. The sink takes up a lot of space, but when it’s not actually in use, you can save that space for other purposes. Place your cutting board over the sink, with the edges resting on the sink’s edges. Not only does it look sleek, but it’s a great alternative for people who don’t have any counter space to spare. You can also place a dish drying rack in one half of your sink in order to save counter space.


These days almost all of us look up recipes on the internet some of the time. But when cooking with an online recipe, you face the question of how to access it. Bringing your computer or iPad into the kitchen and putting it on the counter seems dangerous, and touching your phone while cooking runs the risk of getting sticky sugar or unsanitary meat juice on it.

A wall-mounted tablet is the perfect solution for people who have an extensive library of recipes (or love to look them up online). Just Velcro a tablet case to the wall and you’ll have yourself the perfect tablet station. No danger of spilling barbecue sauce on your computer, and the recipe is displayed without any need to touch the device. Since you can get a simple tablet for $150, it’s an innovative and cheap way to amp up your kitchen.


When it comes to the kitchen, there’s always something to remember—a shopping list, recipe ingredients, or a chore list for children. Thanks to chalkboard paint, there’s an easy and stylish way to display it. Chalkboard paint is ordinary paint that dries to the exact texture of a chalkboard, and you can write on it with normal chalk. Paint a chosen spot in your kitchen, like the inside of one of your cabinet doors, for a great place to write all of your shopping and todo lists. You can even draw pictures or write favorite quotes if the mood strikes. This is such a trendy idea that will bring style and practicality into your kitchen.


Refrigerators can be a vast wasteland of forgotten food. And with multiple people living in one house, it’s even harder to prevent this from happening. Kids (or whoever’s not doing the shopping) open up a new package of deli meat without noticing that there’s one already open, and the older items don’t get eaten until they’re out of date.

To help catch perishable items before they reach their expiration date, put any expiring food in an “Eat Me First” box. Not only will this reduce food waste, but will also help you save money.