4 Platforms To Increase Your Web Traffic Through Social Media

These Social Media Platforms Help You Increase Your Web Traffic.

The channels and networks you concentrate on will vary according to your business target audience. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest all need to be considered. Your website or blog needs to be considered as your hub that you want to attract traffic to. You need to both publish and optimize your social networks to bring traffic back to that home base that you own– your website on your domain. Let us look at the following tactics for building a global distribution network to reach prospects and fans and attract that all important traffic. It’s like building your own media company.


Growing your Facebook “likes” combined with fan engagement and contagious content that begs to be shared is one way of earning attention online and driving traffic to your blog. The value of “likes” has diminished due to Facebook reducing its organic and earned reach but it is still worthwhile growing your following on your Facebook page to drive traffic from your Facebook audience to your website, online store and blog.

Earned marketing tactics

Here are some tips for improving your organic Facebook reach by attracting more “likes” and driving shares.

1. Ensure your profile and “about” tab is clear and linked to your “owned” portal that displays your credibility and expert content .

2. Run a competition that also encourages a “like”.

3. Ask open questions with a photo in your Facebook updates .

4. Include a Facebook widget on your website or blog in a prominent position that can be “liked” without visiting Facebook .

5. Link to your Facebook page in your emails and newsletters .

6. Promote your content on Facebook to your Twitter followers by tweeting the Facebook posts .

7. Update your Facebook page several times a day .

8. Post visual content .

9. Provide a prominent icon on your blog or website that links to Facebook .

10. Include your Facebook links on your free e-books .

11. Create and form a small group on Facebook, dedicated to sharing each member’s new article on their own specific day .

12. Capture emails by setting up and running a competition in a matter of minutes using an app like Heyo. See the image on the next page for how it looks.


Twitter allows an unfiltered stream of tweets. So, the better the headline and the larger the following on Twitter, then the bigger your distribution networks. It is still easier to earn traffic from Twitter than Facebook without paying for it.

Twitter tactics

Here are some Twitter tactics that will assist you in growing your site traffic without having to pull out the credit card.

1. Ensure your profile on Twitter links to your major “owned” online portal. This could be a website or blog .

2. Create tempting headlines .

3. Include #hashtags .

4. Leave 20 characters in your tweet so people can easily retweet without cutting and pasting

5. Tweet content that adds value to your audience. It can be inspiring, informative (news), entertaining or educational 6. Quotes are a great way to encourage a Twitter following 7. Tweet images and pictures.

More Twitter marketing tips to boost traffic

• Make it easy for people to follow you from your blog or website and include a prominent link to your Twitter account. Place it at the top rather than burying it down the bottom .

• Include a link to Twitter in your email and newsletter .

• Use the law of reciprocation. Follow other people that match your target audience. When you follow them they will notice and some will follow you back. Tools like Tweepi are great for this. I use the paid version which only costs around $15 a month..


LinkedIn will not be your major source of traffic and for me it sits at number 3 behind Facebook as a social media referral platform. LinkedIn has also opened up its platform to content creators with its publishing platform. This has made it more content centric and open. Here are some tips to grow your distribution network on LinkedIn and attract more traffic from this source.

LinkedIn tactics 

1. Invite connections by email .

2. Update your status daily .

3. Participate in (or start) a LinkedIn group discussion .

4. Follow influencers and ask or answer questions on their posts .

5. Join and focus on 3-5 relevant LinkedIn groups .

6. Send one new invite daily.

7. Prominently display your contact information .

8. Endorse people you know .

9. Promote your LinkedIn profile including card and email signature .

10. Tweet your LinkedIn updates. 

11. Include the 3 links to your website/blog and other key social networks such as Facebook. These can be used to send people to a landing page that you want to take them to .

12. Publish your best blog posts on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. (These can be linked back to your blog and attracts more traffic. This particular post on LinkedIn has now produced nearly 300,000 views and 1,000 comments.

(4). GOOGLE+

Google+ is Google’s social network that was designed to create a social media foundation that would help Google capture important demographic information. It also helps Google determine by the “Plus ones” what content is valuable. It is not a major traffic generator for me but does need to be optimized. Here are a few tips.

Google+ tactics

Here are some easy tips to bring some traffic from Google+.

1. Complete your profile as it adds credibility .

2. Include follow buttons on your blog .

3. Follow other people in your niche .

4. Add people to your circles .

5. Publish engaging content daily .

6. Comment in communities .

7. Comment in Google+ Hangouts .

8. Start and promote a hangout.

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