8 Tips To Deciding Who You Are on YouTube

These Tips Will Help You Find The Following Facts

  • How do I build a personal brand?
  • How do I find my niche on YouTube?
  • How do I connect with my community?

Who you are on YouTube is a mixture of your niche, your personal brand, and how you interact with your community. After reading this section you’ll be on your way to finding an original niche, building a brand that’s uniquely you, and forging better relationships with your subscriber base.

(1) Identify what it is about your videos that most resonates with your audience. You can figure this out by,

• Reading your comments. 
• Looking at your Analytics to see which content keeps people’s attention the longest. 
• Asking for opinions from friends and family.

(2) Once you know what’s working best for you, make that your focus! Foxy noticed that references to meme culture were performing well for him, so he started using them more and made that part of his personal brand.

(3) Think about your personal style, channel art, and the way you act on camera and make sure they’re all tied into that brand you’re building through your video content.

(4) Think beyond your genre. For example, if you’re a lifestyle YouTuber, what’s unique about your lifestyle that you could focus on?

(5) When you have an idea of what your niche could be, think about whether there’s an audience for that niche. For example, a lot of the viewers tuning in to NellahGrace are probably med students themselves.

(6) Address your viewers in a fun manner at the beginning and end of every video. You may naturally develop go-to sign on/sign off messages.

(7) Like and reply to comments on YouTube, and engage with your viewers on other platforms like Instagram.

(8) Do some purely personal videos, like Q&As, and call out specific viewers by name.

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